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Mastering IPv6: Essential Fundamentals for Networking Engineer

Mastering IPv6: Essential Fundamentals for Networking Engineer


IPv6 Fundamentals is the course to end-user customers. This course provides network engineers and technicians who are working in the enterprise sector with the knowledge and skills that are needed to study the IP version 6 (IPv6) features. The course also provides an overview of IPv6 technologies; describes IPv6 operations, addressing, routing, services, and transition; and describes the deployment of IPv6 in enterprise networks as well as in service provider networks.


Expectations and Goals

  • Describe the factors that led to the development of IPv6, and the possible uses of this new IP structure.
  • Describe the structure of the IPv6 address format, and how IPv6 interacts with data link layer technologies.
  • Describe the nature of changes to DNS and DHCP to support IPv6, and how networks can be
  • renumbered using both services.
  • Understand the updates to IPv4 routing protocols needed to support IPv6 topologies.
  • Understand multicast concepts and IPv6 multicast specifics.
  • Describe IPv6 transition mechanisms and which methods will be most effective in your network.
  • Describe the standards bodies that define IPv6 address allocation, as well as one of the leading IPv6 deployment issues, multihoming.



Suleeporn Thangchaichit

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