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Introduction to Power BI Dashboard Full Practical Course

Introduction to Power BI Dashboard Full Practical Course


You will learn about various key features of the Power BI service. This is an introductory course intended to teach you how to author reports using Power BI Desktop, create operational dashboards, and share content via the Power BI Service.

Expectations and Goals

  • How to load data from Microsoft Excel and Comma-Separated Values (CSV) sources.
  • How to manipulate the data to prepare it for reporting.
  • How to prepare the tables in Power Query and load them into the model.
  • How to create a range of different charts.
  • How to highlight and cross-filter.
  • How to create new groups and hierarchies.
  • How to add new measures to the model to do additional analysis.
  • How to do conditional formatting, add a logo, import a custom visual, and apply a custom theme to the report.



  • Aimrudee Jongtaveesataporn
  • Woravit Sanguansakwattana
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