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Remote Sensing Data Scientist

Bangkok, Thailand

Job Description

• Be able to select the appropriate model with business cases
• Understand supervised and unsupervised learning model.
• Be able to process geospatial and time series data with Python, R
• Be able to fine tune the model , and explain model
• Extract important feature improving ML/AL model
• work with big data processing
• Repeatedly Develop ML / AI model
• Perform validation task (Model validation)
• Extract insights and visualization
• Explaining the insights to Business analyst.
• Export Models , or results (RASTER, vector) to Developer teams.
• Guide and prepare tool , and validate training data
• Able to develop automate ML , and generate batch results work with Data engineer
• Research new and cutting-edge ML/AI algorithms


• Bachelor's degree in Science/IT/engineering field with data science and AI knowledge
• Working experience of at least 2 Years is preferable
• Python, R, ML/AI

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