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Mechatronics / IoT / Embedded System Developer

Bangkok, Thailand

Job Description

• Design, prototype and verify systems for various embedded applications
• Develop and maintain firmware for embedded platforms
• Create and manage documentation for active projects
• Interact with clients and help with the development of customized embedded solutions
• Test and debug embedded software and applications
• Develop hardware and software specifications
• Participate in code and design reviews
• Provide technical assistance to clients and sales team
• Develop tools and techniques for testing and verification


• Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering or computer science
• Experience in embedded software or hardware development - Sound knowledge of VHDL, C, C++, and assembly
• Working experience of at least 2 Years is preferable
• Working knowledge of Linux and version control systems
• Excellent knowledge of interface and network protocols
• High degree of familiarity with logic analyzers, digital storage oscilloscopes, etc.

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